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Our Educational Crafting Kits

Craftiosity Education’s crafting kits are carefully designed to not only spark creativity but also to meet crucial early childhood learning objectives. They are the perfect tools for educators to create dynamic, engaging lessons that nurture young minds.

Our first crafting kits align with Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) learning objectives, ensuring that the creative experiences we offer directly contribute to a well-rounded education.

Craftiosity Education doesn’t just provide crafting supplies; we empower educators to achieve holistic development through imaginative learning. Each kit includes exclusive access to our digital learning resources, turning your craft into lessons of fun education.

  • £99.99

    Explore the wonder of the creatures under the sea, where children can become their own under the sea animal with our Mask Making Kit.

    The Craft: Dive into creativity with four exciting creature masks inspired by the mysteries of the sea.

    The Learning Objectives: EYFS Multi-Sensory Experience, Creative Play, Self-Expression

    The Fun: An educational journey filled with digital learning materials and activities to promote group work, confidence, and fine motor skills.

  • £99.99

    Embark on an imaginative journey with our Movement and Dance Kit, designed to bring the magic of movement and creativity to young learners.

    The Craft: Dive into the world of dance with reed and seaweed-inspired movement poles and bands, fostering a connection between physical expression and imaginative play.

    The Learning Objectives: EYFS Self-Expression, Creativity & Imagination, Social Development

    The Fun: Deep dive into the ocean with digital tools, printable resources, and group activities.

  • £99.99

    Discover the joy of musical exploration with our Music Making Kit, where children can create their own under-the-sea-inspired musical instruments.

    The Craft: Engage in the art of music-making by crafting unique instruments that echo the wonders of the ocean.

    The Learning Objectives: EYFS Self-Expression, Auditory Learning, Social Development

    The Fun: Investigate the rhythms under the sea with our quizzes and class digital resources.

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Our Under The Sea crafting kits are the first of many, if you would like to be the first to hear of our upcoming kits, join our Craftiosity Education Community.