Under The Sea

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  • £99.99

    Explore the wonder of the creatures under the sea, where children can become their own under the sea animal with our Mask Making Kit.

    The Craft: Dive into creativity with four exciting creature masks inspired by the mysteries of the sea.

    The Learning Objectives: EYFS Multi-Sensory Experience, Creative Play, Self-Expression

    The Fun: An educational journey filled with digital learning materials and activities to promote group work, confidence, and fine motor skills.

  • £99.99

    Embark on an imaginative journey with our Movement and Dance Kit, designed to bring the magic of movement and creativity to young learners.

    The Craft: Dive into the world of dance with reed and seaweed-inspired movement poles and bands, fostering a connection between physical expression and imaginative play.

    The Learning Objectives: EYFS Self-Expression, Creativity & Imagination, Social Development

    The Fun: Deep dive into the ocean with digital tools, printable resources, and group activities.

  • £99.99

    Discover the joy of musical exploration with our Music Making Kit, where children can create their own under-the-sea-inspired musical instruments.

    The Craft: Engage in the art of music-making by crafting unique instruments that echo the wonders of the ocean.

    The Learning Objectives: EYFS Self-Expression, Auditory Learning, Social Development

    The Fun: Investigate the rhythms under the sea with our quizzes and class digital resources.