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Mask Making Kit

Join us in discovering the wonders of the deep blue sea. With the “Mask Making Kit,” young learners will not only craft beautiful masks but also embark on an educational journey exploring the ocean’s mysteries. Get ready to dive into creativity!

Learning Outcomes

Multi-Sensory Experience

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) emphasises multi-sensory experiences to support children’s holistic development. This recognizes the importance of engaging multiple senses in the learning process.

With the mask making kit educators can address multiple learning outcomes simultaneously, including multi- sensory experience through different textured objects such as sticky bricks, pipe cleaners and ribbons ‘This feels like a cuddle’ (3 year old exploring a strip of velvet).

Creative Play

Creative play involves activities that allow children to explore, experiment, and express themselves in imaginative ways materials in the masking making craft box offer children opportunities to use their imagination to create unique and real-world project. Decorating with sticky bricks, transforming paper plates, and crafting with various textures encourage creative thinking.


Opportunities to manipulate materials are essential for children to develop their skills and express themselves. This is done through techniques such as constructing, manipulating and transforming. What better way to harness a child’s crafting ability than to create a sea creature mask to wear and explore the world beneath us. Exploring open-ended materials supports children with English as an additional language, or those with limited verbal communication skills.

Materials You Will Need:

Before you embark on your under-the-sea adventure, make sure you have these basic materials ready:

  • Scissors
  • Paintbrushes
  • PVA Glue
  • White or Coloured Card
  • Sticky Tape

Everything else you need is in your Mask Making Kit

If your class require a visual aid showing the finished masks, please download here.

Additional Learning Tools

Enhance the experience with our “Deep Dive Resources,” filled with fascinating facts about marine life and interactive activities that complement the mask-making process.

Adaptations & Inspiration


For children who aren’t comfortable having masks close to their face, attach a stick to the mask for holding up.


Extend the under-the-sea exploration by:

  • Host an “Underwater Adventure” storytelling session.
  • Organising an ocean-themed costume party featuring the masks.
  • Play a game of under the sea creature charades.

Technical/Safety Information

All our kits are created to meet UKCA and CE requirements. 

For an in-depth information pack, please get in touch with us at education@craftiosity.co.uk


At Craftiosity Education, we are deeply committed to providing the highest quality educational experiences for children. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us create future crafting kits that truly resonate with your desires and aspirations for young learners. Please take a moment to share your thoughts and wishes with us, as we aim to make your educational journey as rewarding and enjoyable as possible.