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Under The Sea: Movement And Dance Craft Kit

Welcome to the Movement and Dance Kit, where creativity and motion come together in a mesmerising oceanic spectacle. Dive into the world of graceful reeds and swaying seaweed and let the rhythms of the sea guide your young learners’ movements.

EYFS Learning Outcomes


Opportunities to manipulate materials are essential for children to develop their skills and express themselves. This is done through techniques such as constructing, manipulating and transforming. What better way to harness a child’s crafting ability than to create a sea creature mask to wear and explore the world beneath us. Exploring open-ended materials supports children with English as an additional language, or those with limited verbal communication skills.

Creativity & Imagination

Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes, box 2 gives children the opportunity to explore, experiment, and express themselves through a variety of creative activities. Designing a movement device and sea creature decoration prompts children to use their imagination to envision unique and innovative outcomes. Choosing materials and deciding on the appearance of sea creatures encourage creative thinking.

Social Development

Our education craft boxes include collaborative aspects, working together to create the hanging sea creature decoration, promote social skills and teamwork. Completing a creative project fosters a sense of achievement, contributing to emotional development. Bonus activities include activities for the whole class to enjoy.

Materials You Will Need:

Before you set sail on your dance adventure, ensure you have these basic materials at hand:

  • Scissors

Everything else you need is in your Movement and Dance Kit!

If your class require a visual aid showing the finished crafts, please download here.

Additional Learning Tools

Enhance the experience with our “Deep Dive Resources,” a companion filled with captivating information about the ocean’s movements, marine ecosystems, and creative dance ideas.

Adaptations & Inspiration


If the kids don’t like things tried around their wrist use the extra sticks.


Extend the exploration of ocean-inspired movements:

  • Host a “Seaweed Dance Showcase” and invite friends and family to witness the sea’s grace in your dance performances.
  • Incorporate the movement poles into physical education lessons, enhancing coordination and rhythm.

Technical/Safety Information

All our kits are created to meet UKCA and CE requirements. 

For an in-depth information pack, please get in touch with us at education@craftiosity.co.uk


At Craftiosity Education, we are deeply committed to providing the highest quality educational experiences for children. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us create future crafting kits that truly resonate with your desires and aspirations for young learners. Please take a moment to share your thoughts as we aim to make your educational journey as rewarding and enjoyable as possible.