Under the Sea – Mask Making Craft Kit


Explore the wonder of the creatures under the sea, where children can become their own under the sea animal with our Mask Making Kit.

The Craft: Dive into creativity with four exciting creature masks inspired by the mysteries of the sea.

The Learning Objectives: EYFS Multi-Sensory Experience, Creative Play, Self-Expression

The Fun: An educational journey filled with digital learning materials and activities to promote group work, confidence, and fine motor skills.

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Explore the world under the sea with the new class crafting kit from Craftiosity Education.

In this crafting kit, children will create their own under the sea creature masks; crabs, sharks, jellyfish and clownfish. Together your class can learn about what lives below the waters.

Each Craftiosity Education craft kit comes with an online log in code to access extra learning materials through craftiosity-education.co.uk.

Box size: 540mm x 240mm x 85mm

Contents Included:

• Paper Plates
• Elastic
• Wooden Sticks
• Glitter
• Coloured Sand
• Assorted Paints
• Pipe Cleaners
• Ribbons
• Self-Adhesive Googly Eyes
• Sticky Bricks

• Teacher How-To Instructions
• Craftiosity Education Games, Activities and Fact Cards
• Digital Resource Access Code

On Your Teacher’s Hub: 

Your Craftiosity Education box includes your access code for our online digital area. For the Under The Sea Mask Making Craft Kit, gain access to activities, presentables, quizzes and more!  

Your Craftiosity Education Crafting Kit comes with all you need for your crafting sessions, just add some staples from your crafting cupboard.

• Scissors
• Paintbrushes
• PVA Glue
• White or Coloured Card
• Sticky Tape

Under the Sea - Mask Making Craft Kit